5 Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners

Embroidery machine works so beautiful and this machine can add more charm in your fabric. If you are working on projects and want to purchase best embroidery machine for beginners at affordable price then you are in the right place. These embroider machines below are best machine for beginner.

You can use these machines very easy and even you are also able to use tem for commercial purposes as well. It means that these machines can handle your heavy projects as well. In the list below there are several embroider machines only and some are embroider and sewing machine. You can get best idea to choose which embroider machine is work best for you and can handle all of your heavy projects.

best embroidery machine for beginners

1. Brother SE400 Computerized

You should know that this SE400 is the best machine in this price range. It has so many features, such as: you can sew, embroider and even quilt with this incredible machine. This brother SE-400 is your ideal machine for all of your embroidery, sewing and crafting projects. You can connect it into your computer and allow you to design you project easily. Then you are able to import your design from your computer directly.

2. Brother SE1800 Embroider and Sewing Machine

This SE1800 is very versatile machine, even you can use it as sewing machine. This machine also offers you with wide range of accessories, such as: adjustable zipper piping, zipper, stitch guide and so on. It was equipped with built-in designs along with 12 border styles and 10 rame shapes as well. Of course, you are able to use editing features to rotate, decrease and increase your design size. It also has exclusive feature “Brother My Custom Stitch” that allows you to design your own stitches then save them into the attached memory.

3. Singer Futura XL400

This machine is next generation of sewing and embroider machine from Futura. This is also the best one which been recommended. XL400 is also computerized sewing machine. It has 125 built-in designs and 30 built-in stitches, this machine also has fully automatic for buttonholes and automatic needle threaded that help you to thread the needle easier as well. of course, you are able to connect it into your PC by using USB cable and included software. It provides you with large sewing place that help you to work on your larger projects as well.

4. Brother PE500

This is great equipment that offers you with many features and you can buy it at affordable price. You do not try to underestimate this machine because of its low price. There are several best features that typically can be used in more expensive embroider machine. You can use best embroidery machine for beginners or professional crafter as well.

5. Singer S10 Sewing and Embroider Machine

This Singer S10 is one of best machines for those who do not want to use external computer because they are equipped with built-in computer. However, if you want to use included software, then you will need a computer as well.